Problemas en mi hosting 1&1


I have a VPS in 1&1. The first of this list. With CentOS 5

After a lot of battle to get HyperFileSQL, and WebDev Server Admin working, If i start both services my server crash and enter in Blackzone.

As you can see in the screenshot (click view full size), once I try to connect, numfiles and numproc increases and enters in something named BlackZone, and some services are stopped until all go to normality. Then, after some minutes, enter on blackzone again, and the only thing I can do to avoid this, is to stop MantaManager, the HFSQL instance, and WebDev Server.

I’m searching what can I do to increase numfile and numproc, or tell PCSoft-tools to use a little minus resources, because now, are installed only for testing purposses.

All help is appreciated.